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AI Builder form processing multiple pages from one pdf file


We are considering using AI Builder forms processing to process multiple invoices and insert the data into a excel file.


We have created a model but when we run the flow for a one pdf file with multiple invoices (the same format), the AI Builder is reading and insert the data for only first invoice.


Is there a way to read the information from all pages and insert them into an excel file in the same time?


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It depends on your documents.

If you have one invoice per page, you can split the PDF and perform the extraction on the splited files.

Otherwise, you can use a Text Recognizer model to extract all the texts and identify the pages break based on parterns and then split the PDF.

In coming weeks, we are going to provide the ability to predict on a specific page which would avoid having to split the PDF once you have extracted the page break.

Feel free to send an email to so we can have a call and discuss what is the best option in your scenario.

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Hi LNeaga,

I have the business case that a single PDF invoice file contains multiple pages. I use Encordian to split PDF file to multiple files with each file contains only one invoice. Then use List Files action to get those splited files and then use Apply to each action to get file content passing to AI Model for Form processing. I hope this info provides you some idea.

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