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AI builder extracting all the information from Invoice but not inputing in google sheets / smart sheets

So I have made a flow that uses AI builder and extracts data from invoice, and inputs "Vendor name" and "Invoice Total" into google sheets and smart sheets. Originally I was only doing google sheets, but I noticed that the flow would test run successfully, however in google sheets, there would only be "Vendor name" and the "Invoice Total" column would be empty. I checked my test run history and saw that AI builder has all the information but for some odd reason it isn't inputting some of the data, and it only happens with certain invoices. I ran about 20 invoice tests, and about same 7 had this issue in 4 test runs.


Any solution? It can't be AI builder I am assuming since it shows in details that it was able to extract the data with confidence rate of ~90%.

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Hi @Varun422, this looks like a great automation!


Couple of things we can test. The first one, for the invoices where it's not storing the invoice total, if you go to the AI Builder home page, select Invoice Processing and Try it out one of those invoices, do you get the invoice total correctly?




Invoice total can be retrieved as a text value or a number value. Which one are you using? If you switch from one to another do you see the same issue? 




Hi @JoeF-MSFT 


First of all, thank you for taking your time to assist me.


I am unfortunately not able to share screenshots as the invoices I am using are confidential.


I am running tests with both "Invoice Total(text)" and "Invoice Total("number").


I also tried following the steps of trying out the "Invoice processing" but it does not let me use my flow, instead it is trying to make a new flow for me. Is there a way I can try those invoices I can try on my flow that I created? I cannot use the already-created flow because it required Office 365 and I do not have access to that.


Again, thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!


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Hi Varun.


To try them without creating a new flow, when you open Invoice Processing on the AI Builder home page:


1. Select Try it out

2. Select Upload new


And there you can visually check what the AI model is able to detect. Let's verify it's able to extract the total amount correctly. 





Hey @JoeF-MSFT 


So I tried what you just mentioned, with 1 invoice that was getting vendor name, but not invoice total text, and invoice total number, and it turns out AI builder is getting all the information, however I believe I forgot to mention this, I went into "Test run history" and noticed this before that AI builder is guessing the information from the invoice correctly with good confidence rate, however, the next step which is to input it into rows on google sheet is where it's having problem.


In detail, when I look at output in "insert row" step, "total amount" column is = null, for both invoice total text/numerical.

I am unable to share too many details because I am working with data that is sensitive, but I'll try my best to show you. 

Please find attached.


Thank you,


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Hi @Varun422 !


Thanks for the update. This is interesting, so if you open the AI Builder card you see that the invoice total have values like this, right?




Does your flow looks similar to this?




Maybe another thing you can try is to store the data in Excel instead of Google Sheets to see if you see the same behavior?




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Hey @JoeF-MSFT 

Oh my god, I think I have found the solution because of your idea! So turns out, the invoices that the AI builder finds "Sub total" for, are the ones that work, and the invoices where AI builder finds "Amount due", those invoices are left blank on google sheets, because Subtotal is different than Amount due!


I am going to run more tests coming week, put dynamic content for subtotal and amount due, and see if it solves the problem!


Please find attached

Thank you very much!



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Hello @JoeF-MSFT 


I have just recently found the solution to my problem and I want to make this in-depth explanation for someone who stumbles upon this post for similar problem and also to share it because you sparked the core of finding the solution!


So basically, for some invoices, A.I. builder was taking "Invoice Total" = X and for some invoices, it took "Amount due" = X. So when in invoices the A.I. builder took "Amount due" = X, the Invoice total was null because there wasn't any "Invoice Total". Hence why I was getting null and blanks in my google sheet.

After Joe shared screenshots to look at the test history in-depth, I realized this problem and decided to make a condition statement. I got the condition statement idea because I was getting null for "Invoice Total". The condition statement I made was, "If "Invoice Total" = null, then in sheets in spot of Invoice total column, add dynamic content "Amount due" and for the else, or the No section, for Invoice total column, add dynamic content "Invoice total".


I am sharing a screenshot, please find attached, also want to thank Joe for lighting the spark to find the solution to this problem that I was struggling to find solution too!

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