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AMA: Couldn't Train Model Error

Hi Microsoft! 


I'm in love with your product. Especially Microsoft Power Automate (Desktop). Been doing some experiments with AI builder recently, to see whether I can infuse AI in my automation flows.


However when I'm trying to train my model it states: 

Couldn't train model. Try again later.

Please wait a moment and try again.
It doesn't state what the error exactly is, so I hope u can help me. Fyi: it worked with 3 collections, but started giving this error since I added the 4th and 5th. 
Thank you so much in advance!

Accepted Solutions
Power Apps
Power Apps

The fix for your problem should be available in production by 7/21.

Can you retest at this date and let us know please?

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Power Apps
Power Apps

This is a rare issue and there could be several causes

- A temporary service outage. In this case, you could reedit and train the model again to check if the problem still occur

- A document which is not properly supported. In this case, you could try to edit your model and remove collection 5 and retrain, then do the same with 4 only. I understand that this could be a bit painful


The faster way would be to provide the environment and model id available in the URL so we could investigate 

Thank you so much for your reaction Cedrick!

Option 1: I also thought this was the case. However, the problem occured yesterday and today it's still there.

Option 2: Yep.. (Unfortunately) I've tried this already. I tagged around 50 documents and deleted them to see whether they were the cause. They werent. 

I'll send you a PM regarding the model ID. Thank you again!

Hello Tjan,


I have a similar issue with a Prediction model that I'm trying to create.

Tested in multiple environments and the result is the same (the error you display above).

As far as I know, it's a known issue and the team is working on resolving it (open ticket).




We see a timeout.

We need further investigations.

We will reply to this thread when we have a concrete diagnostic.

In the meatime, can you try to retrain the model please?


Thanks for following up @CedrickB

Thank you so much Cedrick.


I have tried retraining the model, but still get the notification. I'll wait patiently though!


Thanks for the hard work from the team 💪

@CedrickB @JoeF-MSFT Hi team! Regarding the above mentioned error, I did A LOT of testing. Including the tagging of documents and deleting them afterwards 😥. I found out the error will be thrown when having more than 125 documents tagged. As it seems, the amount of collections doesn't influence the occurence of the error (I tested with 4,5,6 collections). The amount of files within a collection does also not affect it (I tested with 35 in a collection). I hope this contributes to the investigation. Thank you so much for your effort and time.

Is it possible that you reached the dataset size limit?

The combined file size of the documents used for training per collection must not exceed 50 MB.


Thanks for your reply. I checked this already! 


The max amount of MB per collection was 2 MB in my case.

Hi @Tjan ,


Could you please send an email to ?
We would probably need to schedule a quick call to investigate better your issue.
thanks !

Power Apps
Power Apps

The fix for your problem should be available in production by 7/21.

Can you retest at this date and let us know please?

Yes ofcourse, thanks Cedrick and team! 


Will test it out and report about the results! 

Helper III
Helper III

If you start it this way, you may have enough RAM to run it correctly. You can check the resource monitor to see how much memory is available. You can also check if there is CPU usage. Training can be very slow if there is CPU utilization.


J Wick

Hi @Jimmywick ,


Thanks for your reply. I already had contact with Microsoft about it. A fix should be on it's way. Thanks you anyway for the help.


On another note, your answer however seem to be a little bit off from what AI builder does. AI Builder is a cloud based application which means that the training isn't done on my hardware side. It's rather done on Microsoft's side.

Resolver I
Resolver I

As per 21th of July, the problem is FIXED. 


I am able to train more documents now without the error. Hope it stays like that.


Thanks for the help to the AI Builder team! @CedrickB 


Edit: also: I noticed a significantly faster training time. Not sure whether it has to do with the update, but it's amazing now. No more waiting for hours now.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Thank you for letting us know. This is great news.

Enjoy your AI Builder time!


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