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Can we use Power Automate AI capabilities to differentiate the attachments types

We have the following requirements:-


1) Users will create a new custom list item

2) Attached files to the list item >> the attachments will contain one car register certificate + random/anonymous attachments



what we are planning to do:-


1) To identify the car register certificate >> and run a form processing model over it to extract data from it

2) To identify other attachments and rename them as attachment-1, attachment-2, etc..

3) To rename the car certificate using the extract car ID.


My main question, is if the Power Automate AI capabilities can allow us to identify the attachments to determine if it is a car certificate or anonymous attachment? and if the answer is Yes, then which component we need to use?



Power Apps
Power Apps

Hello again @johnjohn123,


There's two ways you can achieve this:


The first one if by leveraging the Collection confidence score output for a Form Processing model. You can train a Form Processing model to process car register certificates. Once trained, when you use it in a cloud flow, if you process a document that is not a car register certificate, you will get a very low confidence score for the output Collection confidence score so then you know it's another attachment to rename. 




The second way, could be to leverage the Text Recognizer AI model. If the car register certificates have a always a certain key word not present in the other type of documents, you can process the documents with Text Recognizer which will return all the text in the document, and you can search if that key word is present or not.


I hope this helps!

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Hello @JoeF-MSFT ,


Am sorry to say but you have hardly answered the question...After you train the model to pick that specific text you want like ID Number. then what next...because you left the answer hanging.. how does this rename your pdfs. Please elaborate further . Thank you in advance.


Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @abelrugi - thanks for asking for a clarification! 🙂


Where are your files stored? In SharePoint? For example, for SharePoint this is how you can rename a file. In this flow, I'm using the extracted value 'Sales order number value' returned by the AI Builder model as the new name of the file.


The following link explains in more details the Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action: Rename a file in SharePoint with a single Power Automate action (

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yes it has been cleared

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