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Excluding null values from Table



I had posted this query in the building flows section and was asked to repost it here. 


I am creating a flow that is trying to do convert data from an invoice and populate an excel sheet saved on Sharepoint. 


  1. It triggers when an invoice PDF is saved to a Sharepoint folder
  2. An AI Model analyses the file and outputs certain fields to an excel sheet

The AI Model is working as expected and is detecting the fields that I require. Amongst these fields is a table that contains 3 columns. 


An example of the table is below:




The issue I am facing is the flow is creating multiple rows for each invoice. For example, when the flow pastes the "HSN/SAC" column it, outputs as follows:

image (1).png


How do I get it to output only one row and exclude all the rows where the values are null?


Screenshot of my flow is below:

image (2).png



Thanks for your help

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @tusharjalan,


Thanks for posting the question.


You can add a condition before the Excel action to check that the value of the row for HSN/SAC is not __null__. Like this:





Thanks for your response. I have amended the flow to include the condition as suggested. However, the result hasn't changed and I it it still outputting null rows. Please see below the amended flow and the output.







Hi @tusharjalan,


I see that in the If yes block, the flow iterated over all entries again. Because you are already on an apply to each loop, there should not be one on the If yes block. 



Let us know if this clarifies. 

Thanks Joe. That works great. However, I now note that if I want to extract other fields from the table - For eg. the Output CGST or Output SGST fields, I can't because they have null HSN/SAC values. What I am trying to get at is a excel spreadsheet that outputs the following fields in one row:


Invoice Number - Invoice Date - HSN/SAC code - Amount - CGST Value - SGST Value - Total Amount


Would that be doable?  

Helper III
Helper III

You need to use the "amount" column for your condition, instead of the "HSN/SAC" this way you  can extract every line that has an amount.

In addition to the suggestion of @ALFRED05, if CGST and SGST are normally present in your documents like that, you can also tag them as fields and retreive them as fields instead of a table.



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