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Post Prodigy

Form Recognizer / JSON Error

I am practicing with Form Recognizer and Business Card Reader.

I've got all the pieces on a PA screen and I've created a flow.

I can upload a card to the Business Card Reader and see the card in the view.

I have a Checkbox control that collects the JSON from the card; it has the below in the OnSelect property:

picture: BusinessCardReader1.CleanedImage,
Name: Rand() & ".jpg"

I have a TextInput field that has the varJSON in the 'Default' property.

Every time I try to collect the data from the card the system locks up and I get the PA screen 'Wait or Reload' information message.

Any thoughts on why this won't complete? I got it to work the very first time but not since.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @Phineas - thanks for the question!


I suspect this might be caused due to showing varJSON in a TextInput. If you remove the TextInput - do you still get the 'Wait or Reload' message?


The Base64 text encoding of an image can be quite large in length, especially for big images, making the app freeze. I imagine you want to send the base64 text to the flow and not necessarily show it in the app?

Taking a different tact, I'm trying it with the camera, an image control, a button, and flow.

I've gotten the image. I have the JSON (in a TextInput), and I have the following in the Button:


 Set(varEventRecognizerResults, EventRegistrationRecognizerFlow.Run({file:{name:GUID() & ".jpg",contentBytes:Camera1.Photo}}))



The flow gave me the following error:



Inputs (this is just a 1/3 of it):






Power Apps
Power Apps

Thanks for sharing @Phineas!


This page explains how to achieve a similar scenario with the Invoice Processing model: Use invoice processing in Power Apps - AI Builder | Microsoft Docs Just replace the AI Builder Invoice Processing action in the flow by AI Builder Business Card.


I hope this helps!

The instruction require me to choose "Process and save information from invoices" in the Actions list. I don't have it as an option in my Actions list.



Power Apps
Power Apps

Good catch @Phineas - we need to update that in the documentation.


If you want to use the invoice model, the action is now called --> Extract information from invoices


If you want to use the business card reader model, the action is now called --> Read business card information




Also, Form Recognizer is free (with license); AI build is $500 a month.

That makes a difference. 

It is unclear to me why Form Recognizer doesn't perform as easily and efficiently as AI builder.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @Phineas!


Azure Form Recognizer is targeted to professional developers. AI Builder is built on top of Azure Form Recognizer and offers a no-code experience for citizen developers. Same great technology, but in the case of AI Builder no need to manage Azure resources or write code. 🙂


To use AI Builder, you can start with a free trial. Once you're ready for production usage you will need AI Builder credits. One way to purchase AI Builder credits is indeed through the $500 add-on. The Power Apps per user or per app plans as well as the Power Automate RPA plans now include a number of AI Builder credits in them as well.


If you are considering processing a large amount of data with AI Builder, consider reaching out to our friendly Microsoft Sales team as there are a number of discount options available. 


Can you clarify; can credits only be purchased through/with the add-on, and/or only come with the 'per user', 'per app', or RPA plans?

Do you know how many credits the plans come with and how the credits are used to pay the 'toll' for AI usability?

Is it one credit per flow run, per action, per, per, per...?

Thank you!

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @Phineas,


There are a number of options:

  • 1 AI Builder add-on will give you 1,000,000 AI Builder credits per month.
  • 1 Power Apps per app plan gives you 250 AI Builder credits per month.
  • 1 Power Apps per user plan gives you 500 AI Builder credits per month.
  • 1 Power Automate RPA license gives you 5,000 AI Builder credits per month. 


Depending on which AI Builder model you use, it consumes more or less AI Builder credits. The Power Platform licensing guide describes how many AI Builder credits are consumed per type of model: (look for the 'AI Builder capacity add-on' section).


Hope this helps bring more clarity!

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