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Form processing API is not recognizing different information on a form and will grab some information that is similar on all forms. Any way to select areas that we would like the form to recognize?


I have two scenarios that AI Builder is not working in.  The first is that I am trying to have AI Builder recognize PDF reports and process them to a SharePoint document library.  I have uploaded 10 PDF files, the first page only (the pdf files can have anywhere from 1-15 pages following the first page) and each PDF file has different information on each of the first pages, yet the AI Builder only finds one date, which happens to be the same on every page, as the only field on the report.  Can I select which fields I would like the AI Builder to consider when reading the report?  


The same type of scenario happens when trying to upload and process W-9 forms.  I uploaded 10 forms, all with different information on them, and it selects some of the data and not other parts of the form.  It also selected pre-printed text that is the same on each of the forms.  It didn't select information like the 3 address lines which are different on each form.


It would be great to allow the user to define the fields that need to be selected on each individual form.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi John,

We will be adding the ability to manually tag input documents when automated detection fails in our April release. We'd be very interested in learning if things work better or if you're still seeing issues when that version goes out.


@antoinec Until April..... Do you have any work around for helping AI builder recognize the correct fields?

Short of changing the document layout ... which probably isn't realistic, there's not much you'd be able to do to improve extraction quality before some of these new features ship. Some upcoming changes in the implementation on our end might result in different results, but I wouldn't bet on it.

That being said, if you'd be ready to share some of these documents with us to allow further analysis, please feel free to reach out with a private message. I can't guarantee anything but you never know...

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