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Form processor can't train more than 5 documents

Is there a reason for this? I'm trying to imrpove the AI but the 5 doc/pdf limitation is frustating! If only there was a "train again" option for this.... 


The documents in question are 12 PDFs that are scanned, so not 'true PDFs'. The form processor works, it just needs more samples!


Approximately 6 fields,


I'm just a little annoyed @JoeF-MSFT  , because the prevew version was very intutitve. You chose the template (form processing) -> upload documents for training -> use model for your flows


Of course it doesn't show any fields because I hav enot uploaded anything yet!


Am I missing a previous step where i need to upload a document??




Hi @jbravo,


From the screenshot you shared, it seems you are doing a Prediction model and not a Form Processing model. You don't see the Form Processing template?



Thank you for the quick response @JoeF-MSFT  🙂


I do not see that option that was there previously (in the preview) here is what I see



Hi @jbravo,


This is an issue where some environments are not seeing all the 4 scenarios, apologies for this. We are working on fixing this so you will be able to see the Form Processing template again.  

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I guess I'll just check again intermittenly throughout the week.


Can I pause my trial then? or am I screwed? @JoeF-MSFT 


Hi @jbravo, Form Processing remains in preview so for the time being you will be able to use it even if the trial expires. 

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