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Helper I

Form with Multiple Tables

Hey guys. I am making a model in AI Builder. In it there are forms, and inside forms there are multiple tables. Now what is happening is, the table can have multiple rows, like in the first form it can have one row, in other two rows. And sometimes some table go to next page to. So, I think I can use Multi Page Table for all the tables in the form.

Now, there is a little more problem, I dont think AI Builder is able to take check boxes inside those table rows or is it possible.

Some tables have only two check boxes of yes and no. But for some tables it has yes and no for all the rows.

So is it possible or there is a workaround for this. Because keeping static values like Row 1 Yes, Row 2 Yes, Row 3 Yes is not possible because the rows can be dynamic for different tables.


Thanks in advance.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi Unknown123, That's a great question! As you've seen, checkboxes in tables are not something we support today. We do have an internal prototype working though, which we'd like to productize in the next few months. Would you be willing to share an example or two of documents you're trying to process to confirm that they'd work? Thanks

Helper I
Helper I

Hey @antoinec 

Thanks for the reply. 

Though at the end we will be using Azure's Form Recognizer as it is already made final by the seniors. But for testing we are seeking all possibilities. 

Below I am providing how the tables look like. 


There are multiple tables, and multiple tables can have multiple rows. 1 table can have 1 row, and the next table can have two rows too. So the number of rows in each table in different forms may vary. 


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