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Hi, Only retrieving 1st value in invoice

Hi, My invoice has about 35 pages. When i build the AI model it gets an error and advises me to reduce this. I extracted the 1st page. But then when i do a 'quick test' of the 36 page file, it only highlights the 1st page. Should it highlight on all pages ?

My invoice has multiple items per page e.g. page 1 has 3 costs. 1 for Paris, 1  for London, 1 for Rome. When I assign the tags, should I select the the top site on the 1st file , the middle site in the 2nd file, and the 3rd site in the 3rd file . So it learns the different "co-ordinates" ?

Finally I am testing copying these 3 cities in an excel file. I added an 'apply to each' but was getting error "The execution of template action 'Apply_to_each' failed. is of type 'String'. The result must be a valid array."

I changed the select an output to be an array of the site value. It now runs 'successfully' but I only get the 1st site . 

I think AI model is correct because 'quick test' highlights the 3 cities.  

Please advise if problem could be with the array /apply to each , or AI model ?




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Hi @jjpreston291,


Thank you for posting this question. 

As of today, each invoice needs to be in a separate file. You cannot have multiple invoices in the same file.



Regarding the 3 costs. Have you tagged them as three different fields when you trained your AI Builder form processing model? If so, you can retreive them separately in a flow in Power Automate by selecting them on the selection panel that appears on the right when building your flows. Select <field_name> value . For example, for the a field with name 'Paris cost', select 'Paris cost value'.

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Hi, My main problem has been the AI builder not fully understanding my invoices that I scan. I have loads of different types. For 1 type, it can detect a table but only picks up 2 of the 3 rows. I read a post that table detection will be improved over next couple of months.

Or my invoice values were in 3 tables in each page. It only can see the 1st value if i use table or tags.

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