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Power Apps- AI Builder

I want to be able to train my model that I built on "Document Processing - Extract custom information from documents" so that it can extract complete clauses and not only just bits of information. I found one challenge here that while training my model I am unable to annotate the text of a clause for a single index field if the text extends to the next page. I can only annotate the clause if the same starts and ends on one page. Could you please help me with this issue?

Another thing is that I currently have a free trail license and when I try to use my model so that I can export the results in an excel sheet it throws an error that says that I do not have service plan adequate for the non-Standard connection 'Microsoft Dataverse'.

Could you please confirm that if I pay for the plan I will be able export the result of the extraction in an excel spreadsheet?

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @dda1guru - thank you for your question!


Unfortunately, fields that split across page boundaries are currently not supported. We are working on removing this limitation in a future update of AI Builder.


A possible workaround could be to tag these fields as two separate fields. One for one page, and the other field for the continuation in another page. And then concatenate both together when running the AI model.


On the non-Standard connection error, which action are you using in your Power Automate flow? Is it the Extract information from forms from the AI Builder connector?




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Thank you for your response! It will be great if this limitation is removed!

Let me show you how I got the Non Standard Connection Error-

After I trained my model and tried to use it, I chose "Use model" option-



When I clicked "Use Model" it showed me "How I want to use my model?"-



I selected the third option here, i.e. Use the document automation solution. Selecting this option helped me understand how it will work, however, it required me to select a solution. I selected "Custom documents and invoices" as shown below-



But, when I selected the solution it threw this error-



Now I want to know that if I pay for the service plan, whether I will be able to export the results of the extraction into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @dda1guru - thanks for taking the time to share these screenshots. Indeed, for this case, you will need to have a pay plan.

Something you can try: Create a new cloud flow and try to add any of the Desktop flows actions. When you do, does it ask you to start a free trial? If so and if you decide to start the trial, then you should then be able to use the Document Automation Starter Kit at that point.





Out of curiosity, have you tried some of the templates AI Builder offers in the Build intelligent automations menu? These templates don't use premium connectors. 




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