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Advocate I

Service credits, what are they and how are they consumed?



In the license guide for PowerApps+Flow the section about AI Builder mentions service credits.

We can purchase "units", each comes with "1 million service credits"


It's unclear to me what 1 service credit is exactly, can anyone clarify that?
And where can we see our current consumption of these credits?


This is what the guide says about it:


AI Builder capacity is expressed in the form of “service credits”. Service credits serve as the single (common) currency across all the scenarios supported by AI Builder. Available service credits are deducted when AI Builder services are used.
Different scenarios (for example, forms processing, prediction, etc.) burn down service credits at different rates.
Customers should purchase the appropriate number of AI Builder capacity add-on units based on anticipated usage across all scenarios.

It makes sense that the different models consume service credits at different rates (complexity, multi-page documents, what have you) but, without knowing what the value of each service credit is, it's very difficult to purchase the appropriate number of units.


Microsoft gives this example - giving me the hint that there is some kind of calculation that I'm unaware or:

Each unit of “AI Builder capacity add-on” includes 1 million service credits per month. For example, a customer requiring 4.7 million service credits per month (based on anticipated usage), should purchase 5 units of “AI Builder capacity add-on”.


Hope someone can shine some light onto what is 1 service credit, how is it measured and where can I see my current consumption/remaining credits?


- Michel

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @MichelMindsUnit ,


It seems to be something new about AI builder published in the PowerApps and Flow Licensing Guide in 2019.10.

I never seen it before. I think I need to put in the study, if there is any understanding, I will post back.
Also hopefully somone konw this can come here.


Best regards,



Hello @v-siky-msft 


Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to hearing the details about this.


- Michel

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Has anyone figured this out? We're currently looking at purchasing this but have no idea what the values mean.

@notj @MichelMindsUnit ,


Please check the following image

Annotation 2019-11-08 173347.png

For more information, please refer to this article and attachments within:

Best regards,


@v-siky-msft ,

When AI Builder was launched in preview they mentioned a calculator to determine the amount of credits needed for a specific model. The calculator was supposed to be available when AI Builder went GA, but I haven't seen anything announced about this and cannot find any information that it is actually available. 

Do you know anything about this?

@v-siky-msft A screenshot of the same information that was posted in the first message doesn't make it any more informative. Which part of that is supposed to make this idea of a "service credit" less arbitrary? 

Did a very quick calculation and it seems it requires 500$/1000 forms processed. It's still very vague as does it takes into consideration the number of fields ? How does the 1million service credits is being utilized?


Frequent Visitor

Not sure how much correct this blog is. But based on testing of each scenario, it provides the number of credits various AI Builder model takes when they are ran once


Hope it helps.

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