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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Text recognizer - how to get output?

Hi Community,
I am having some difficulty with the Text recognizer preview. I can't seem to get the output of the OCR detection? Any ideas?
OCR issue.PNG

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Nevermind, I figured it out with the data table


In few days, a new capability will allow to select the text you are interested in by clicking on one the bounding boxes.

Then you will be able to retrieve the value with TextRecognizer1.SelectedText.

Stay tuned.


Has this been added yet? I am still looking to figure out how to view the output from the text recognizer. Thanks!! 




You can use either the property OcrObjects (list of text lines extracted from the image) or SelectedText (line from Text Recognizer selected by the user when running the application). For more information check out Use text recognizer component in Power Apps documentation.

You can use these output properties from the Text Recognizer component by binding them to other Power Apps Components.

In the case of OcrObjects , you can use a Data tables for example (where you can set the Items property from your Data table to YourTextRecognizerName.OcrObjects and adding the field text to it). in the case of SelectedText, you can bind it to a label for example (where the Text property of the label can be set to YourTextRecognizerName.SelectedText).





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