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Unsupported FileType Error using JPG in flow's Extract Information from forms step

My JPG images can be used during AI training and Quick Test, but while using the AI model's Extract Information from forms function in PowerAutomate flow it shows the below error: 

"error": {
"code": "0x80040265",
"message": "{\"operationStatus\":\"Error\",\"error\":{\"type\":\"Error\",\"code\":\"InvalidPredictionInput\",\"message\":\"Inference input for model bd7acb67-23f6-42c6-a678-b227e9bb0d17~a633ac24-9743-4004-9642-1e63fe34b805 is invalid\",\"properties\":{\"BackendErrorCode\":\"InvalidInferenceInput\",\"DependencyHttpStatusCode\":\"400\"},\"innerErrors\":[{\"scope\":\"Record\",\"target\":null,\"code\":\"UnsupportedFileType\",\"type\":\"Error\",\"properties\":{\"MlIssueCode\":\"UnsupportedFileType\"}}]}}"

Other formats of image (jpeg and png) have no problem. However after converting the JPG to jpeg or png and input into the flow it still fails to run, same error. Can anyone help? Much appreciated.


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I use "When a new email arrive" to trigger the flow, with "Attachment Content Type" and "Attachment Content" as AI model's "Form type" and "Form" inputs. The flow structure should have no problem as other file types can be processed successfully

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Hi @txngiam,


Thank you for posting this question. 


Does your email message have a signature at the end? If so, perhaps the flow is picking that signature as an attachment and trying to process it through the AI model. The following link explains how to not process signatures:

If your email doesn't have a signature, can you:

  1. Share a screenshot of your flow?
  2. Tell us more how you are converting the JPG to jpeg or png?

Happy to keep investigating.

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thanks @jo 

I added the inline condition but it still fails (same error). Below is my screenshot of the flow (it's too big so I simplified it):


 Your help is much appreciated!

I opened the photo in MS default Photos program and save as jpeg or png format.

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Power Apps

Thanks @txngiam for the info.


Let's try the following:


1. Go to your model details page.

2. Click on Use model > New flow in Power Automate > Documents are received in a Microsoft 365 Outlook work account.

3. This will create a sample flow that processes emails you receive with attachments and where the subject is AI Builder. Can you try to run this flow by sending to your inbox an email with the image that is not working and see if you are get the same error or not?


If it keeps failing, would it be possible to share with me the image so I can help troubleshoot? You can send it to me via private message.  




Yes, the same error in the sample flow. Let me share with you the image in PM...

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