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ALM for building powerapps for multiple clients

Hi All,

I am a developer with an Office 365 account who will be developing different applications for multiple clients.  I have logins to my own personal 365 account, as well as logins to each clients 365 accounts.


My question is, should I make my development environment in my own account, and then export the app, and then import the app to the client accounts, or make a development and production environment all inside the client account?  If using either strategy,  I would need to make a copy of the clients sharepoint lists that I am using as datasources, in order to have a development version and not use actual production data during dev, and I do know know if it is better to stay inside one account for all of this.


Any advice appreciated!





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Re: ALM for building powerapps for multiple clients

Hi @kimkantola ,

Firstly, the client account can both have a development and production environment. As how to deploy apps from a development environment to a production environment, I suggest you use the same way like your description.

Export the app from the development environment and then import the app to the production environment.

When you export and import the app, the connection will be invalid in the new environment.

So you need to build connection with SharePoint list again in the new environment.

In fact, you could consider sharing your app to client accounts.

In that way, you don’t need to deploy apps one by one.




Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu

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Re: ALM for building powerapps for multiple clients

Thank you so much for your reply @v-yutliu-msft.   


Can you tell me what is the difference between sharing an app and deploying an app?  I am still getting the lingo down. I think you need to "publish" an app and then "share" it , is that right?  When you say "deploying" do you mean moving an app from one environment to another?