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Can I use a model driven app through d365 for phones with a PowerApps Plan 2 license only



I have a model driven app that I would like to use through D365 for phones. 

The license that I have given to my user is the PowerApps Plan 2 only.  This user does not have any D365 CE licenses 

My user has all necessary Security privileges (it is system administrator). 

Nevertheless, my user is not able to access the D365 for phones app. 


It is receiving an error message at the authentication : 

Additional privileges required : 

Your user role is missing additional security privileges required to access the mobile app. 

Please contact your administator to include the missing privileges for your role. 


Has anyone been able to run a model driven app on your phone ?

If there is another way to run the app on your phone, I am also open to that solution.