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Data Cards Smashed Together in App, works fine on Computer.

I have an issue loading our apps on IPads and phones. When they are loaded on a computer, there is no problem. Please see the picture attached. I have tabs dividing data cards so they are only seen when a certain button is selected. For each button, OnSelect uses a formula UpdateContext({visible1:true}); UpdateContext({visible2:false}); UpdateContext({visible3:false}). Each button is only true in the visible tab for the data card that should be seen. Wondering if this is the reason that the data is not collected? Need some help determining why the app is not loading and why the computer is. 


Error Loading Screen.jpg


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Re: Data Cards Smashed Together in App, works fine on Computer.



Do you use one form?
- Option is to create three forms all connected to the same datasource. In this way you don't have to show/hide the datacards. I found that this is not always working fine and sometimes the datacard gets re-arranged.


How do you make the datacard visible? Do you use the .height or .Visible? 


Is the Height off the datacard related to the height off the both controls?

- If so set the height to a absolute height and try if it then works fine.


Also disable the AutoHeight for the label.


For controlling visibility you can better use one number variable. So on your Button.OnSelect you get

UpdateContext({MShow:1}) // on the first
UpdateContext({MShow:2}) // on the second
UpdateContext({MShow:3}) // on the third

Then on you galleries.Visible/DataCard.Visible you do

MShow = 1 // to show on one possible value
MShow in [1,3] // to show on multiple possible values

Less variables to mantain and easier syntac on the visibility (instead off Visible1 && Visible2) 


Hope this helps.



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Re: Data Cards Smashed Together in App, works fine on Computer.

Are you using Auto Height for these?  Many people see this error with auto height.  Turning off improved rendering has helped us.