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Embedded app not scaling forms correctly

I have created an app to provide our sales agents easier access to our marketing assets. It displays fine in PowerApps studio but the moment I embed it anywhere the form dices up both the "Publisher" field and the "Attachments" field.


It seems like, while everything else is scaling according to window size and resolution, row height for attachments is static. So when the text scales to a larger pixel height it just gets cut off that much more. 



The only design properties available for sizing (as far as I can tell) are as follows:

Item Spacing (I tried adjusting this and saw no discernable difference)

Size (This changes item height but that just makes for even less visible text as the actual row height doesnt change)

Padding (Left, Right, Top, Bottom, doesn't affect row height)

Box Height, Width, and Position.


The form in PowerApps Studio viewer:



Embedded in sharepoint: 



Shrinking the sharepoint window makes more of the text visible:



Anyone have any ideas?