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Environments possibly deleted?



I was using powerapps last week with a QA environment I had created.


I have gone in today and the environment has completely disappeared along with the apps I had stored in there. I have not done anything on powerapps that I am aware of to delete the environment - is there any way to restore it as I have lost many many hours of work otherwise!

PowerApps Staff jo
PowerApps Staff

Re: Environments possibly deleted?

Can you share me any of the details around the environment to

1. What is the email address you used to create the environment?

2. What was the environment name/ID?

3. Are you a global tenant admin? If not, do you know if your IT admins deleted it?

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Re: Environments possibly deleted?

Hi: I am having this same problem.  My second environment disappeared and I only have access to the main one somehow.  Were you able to solve this?   Thank you.