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Import/Export PowerApps and Flow to New Environment

I've a combined PowerApp and Flow that I use together to implement a business system. I'm trying to develop  the components in one environment, move the components to a test environment, then publish to a production environment. I'm finding it time consuming and fiddly to get the environment moves to work. Below are the steps that I'm using. Is there a better way?


  1. Go to
  2. Edit app
  3. Save as -> local computer -> downloads .msapp file
  4. Go to
  5. Edit Flow
  6. Export ->
  7. Switch to target environment
  8. My flows -> Import
  9. Import package zip file
  10. Manual create connectors as needed
  11. Go back to now in the target environment
  12. Go to Create an app
  13. Open -> browse files
  14. Import msapp file
  15. File -> Save
  16. Manually reconnect the Flow ...
  17. Go to the button that starts the flow
  18. Cut and paste out the code and save to text editor
  19. Go to Action -> Flows
  20. Add the flow
  21. Paste back in the code copied above - changing the connector name as needed
  22. Save and publish the app


I can't export the powerapp as a package as I've deleted one of the flows in the past and now I'm stuck with not being able to export as package.

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Re: Import/Export PowerApps and Flow to New Environment

To export a PowerApp and Flow together you should take a look at packaging them up as a solution.  Take a look at the following: