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PowerApp Custom SharePoint Form Combobox Search



I am working to create a custom PowerApp form for a couple SharePoint lists. I've run into an issue where one of my fields on my backend list is a lookup, but the values in the lookup are not easy for users to find. For example, one of the items might be "William A. Richard Conference Building"; users will be looking for "Conference Building" and not know the building is named after "William A. Richard".


The problem is that the default combobox for lookup fields allows searching but only alphabetically. What I want is the search behavior of a person lookup combobox, where search is anywhere in the string--so users could search for "Conference" and find "William A. Richard Conference Building".


I've found that I can add a custom card with a new combobox and a datasource referencing the lookup list and search works as I need. However, I am getting "A value must be provided for the item" error when submitting the form and can't figure out why.


To summarize:

 - I am looking for a combobox enabling searching a list anywhere in the list item strings

 - I have a workaround, but am getting an error "A value must be provided for the item" and could use pointers to troubleshoot



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Re: PowerApp Custom SharePoint Form Combobox Search

More information:


I confirmed that the search behavior on the combobox is different depending on whether the Items attribute of the combobox control is:
Choices('Employee Master List'.Location)  <-- this is the default

'Buildings'  <-- this is my list as a new datasource in the PowerApp, which is the lookup on the Location field for 'Employee Master List'


If I use choices, the search is alphabetical only. If I use the buildings datasource, search is anywhere in the list.

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Re: PowerApp Custom SharePoint Form Combobox Search

Hi Matthew:


I am running into this same requirement.  Did you determine a way to utilize both the search-friendly datasource and sync back to the lookup column.  Having difficulty with the latter portion right now.