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PowerApp embedded into PowerBI not being saved for users after Publishing

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I've created a rather simplistic PowerApp, that would enable the users to "sign-off" data as seen, directly in the PowerBI Report.
Essentially, it's just a button, that writes back to the database used by the PowerBI report, that the data was seen by the users.

In accordance with the documentation available on the website of Microsoft, i went ahead & added the PowerApp Custom Visual to the PowerBI report, published it to the PowerBI online service & configured it there (added the relevant data fields & choosen the previously created PowerAPP), then saved the report in the PowerBI online service.

For me, everything works perfectly, the PowerApp shows up & works as indended, however, for the users the PowerApp i've choosen doesn't appear. The default help information appears for them in place of the PowerApp, that shows up when a PowerApp wasn't selected for the Custom Visual, as if i've selected nothing.

The users are using Chrome, they are authenticated with an AAD, with which i've shared both the PowerBI report & the PowerApp.

I've tried re-creating the embedded PowerApp in the PowerBI report, with no luck. The selected PowerApp still doesn't appear for the users (the Custom Visualization object does appear on the report, just without an actual PowerApp being "linked/selected" with it).

Any ideas what the issue might be?

Thanks a bunch in advance!