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PowerApps ask for enpoint key to end users

Hi Team, 


I integrated PowerApps with a QnAmaker, creating a custom connection. 

When I share my Powerapps with end users, it request them to authorized using the QNAMaker end point key. 


This is not the ideal scnerio as I cannot share the key with endusers.

Is there a setting I can change to make users use my APP without asking any endpoint key.


Thanks in advance !


Level 8

Re: PowerApps ask for enpoint key to end users



I don't think this exists as it would defeat the point of having licenses per active user as you could then potentially run an entire organisation via one license -  Any connector will initially try use the user's credentials when trying to authenticate, so it will ask them for the key if their user credentials are not sufficient enough to set up the connector.

So if the connector only requires your O365 credentials, then the user will see an 'allow access' screen (unless you set to bypass consent using powershell), however even if you bypasssed consent in this case, I think you would still have the issue of the connector needing the key and prompting the user for it.


You might be able to get your App to trigger a flow to run another flow (that's run under your account), but I haven't tested this to confirm if this would work, and I feel like it wouldn't as it would be trying to circumvent licensing again.