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Powerapp access errors upon launching


I have a user that cannot access a powerapp we have created.  I believe the issue is that the user is never being prompted to provide permission to their mail profile for a email function that is built into the app. 


The user has all of the same access to the app itself and the backend spreadsheet as others who are able to successfully utilize the app. 


She does not know if she was ever offered the permission acceptance window and possibly denied, but we have been unable to get it to pop up for her since we began investigating.  We have attempted to load in all major browsers as well as the powerapp app for the iphone. 


Has anyone ever run into a similar situation?  Do anyone have any way of forcing the permission acceptance window or setting it manually on her user settings as a O365 admin?


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Powerapp access errors upon launching

Hi @amelch,


What is the data source in this app? Office365 Outlook or what? When user cannot access the app, was there any error message shown? Did you mean that the user cannot open the app at all, or she just cannot select the button to send an email in the app? 


Or is it that your user doesn't have exchange mailbox?


If so, I have made a test on my side, please take a try with the following workaround:2.JPG



Set the OnSelect property of the Send Email button (Button control) to following formula:


"Test Email From PowerApps app",
"This is a test email",

Note: The AddMediaButton1 represents the Add picture control within my app. The "" represents the Gmail address on my side.


The standard formula format of sending an message with an attachment (using Office365.SendEmail function) as below:


More details about sending an email with an attachment (using Office365.SendEmail function), please check the following article:



Best regards,


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Re: Powerapp access errors upon launching

Thanks Mona, but I'm afraid this doesn't really address the issue.  The datasource is a onedrive shared excel file and the application does utilize the Office365.SendEmail function already.  The user is a licensed E3 user with a mailbox. 


The application loads and works correctly for all of my users except for 1.  All permissions provided to the affected user are the same as everyone else using it.  We noticed that she never gets offered the permissions to accept when the app loads and she just gets a lot of errors.  I need to figure out how to either manually accept the permissions on the backend or find a way to get the permissions offered upon launching. 



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Re: Powerapp access errors upon launching

Have you tried having the user go to the connections tab on and ensure they authenticate there before opening the PowerApp?