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Supervised iOS on MDM Can't Open Apps

I have an iPad in Supervised Mode on an MDM with a restrictions profile on it. While in this profile, it will sit at "opening..." for any app I try to open. However, when I remove the profile it will open just fine.


I am currently in process of digging through the dozens of restriction settings to see which one might be causing the issue but wanted to see if anyone else has come across this issue and found a conclusion.

Level: Powered On

Re: Supervised iOS on MDM Can't Open Apps

I apologize as I don't mean to double post but I wanted to give some more information and I didn't see a way to edit the topic.


Whatever is causing the issue relates back to the web url filters in place. I am starting to wonder what addresses I need to make sure are whitelisted in order for PowerApps on iOS to work. I tried but that alone doesn't fix the issue.