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"This connector is a trialversion"

When I try to connect to a Dynamics NAV connector, or many others for that matter, the lightbulb states: "Denne Connector er en prøveversion" or translated to "This Connector is a trialversion".

I have setup the correct OData and usersettings for my NAV database, and can connect to it via browser.

But when I add the informations in the connectorsettings i get the following error:


The URL 'http://[MyIP]:7048/NAV/OData/' is not a valid Microsoft Dynamics NAV OData feed URL. The OData feed URL can be found on the 'Web Services' page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
clientRequestId: 17579c7e-a61b-4e93-bd0d-6ca3860581a6"


I'm on a Plan 2, so I believe I should have access to this, correct?