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Update Gallery items data to Azure SQL Table

Hi all.,


i need to Update the all Staff ID to Azure SQL Table12.PNG


In a Gallery, i have 3 Property List items, the same items are available in Azure SQL Table except staff ID.

the staff ID was generated based on the staff selected on dropdown.


Now i have a button, in that On select event i have done coding as follows:


 ClearCollect(UserList,Gallery5.AllItems);ForAll(RenameColumns(UserList,"ID","NewId"),UpdateIf('[dbo].[PropertiesList]',ID = NewId,{Staff:4}))


for testing i have given as 4 for staff ID. this command executed but the staff detail are not updated in Azure SQL PropertiesList Table.


also i have used Patch command as follows:


ClearCollect(UserList,Gallery5.AllItems);ForAll(RenameColumns(UserList,"ID","NewId"),Patch('[dbo].[PropertiesList]',LookUp('[dbo].[PropertiesList]',ID = NewId,{Staff:55}))) 


this patch command creates a three new record with staff ID 55.


so i need to know, Is possible to Update the Azure SQL Table from PowerApps command, if yes then how i need to Update the list of selected record to Azure SQL..


Please help !!