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Superhero Landing

Better together | Super hero landing

Superhero Landing

This is so amazingly good! 😻

This is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!


Love this

Great idea

Quite amazing, beautiful and powerful design. WOW!

Ver nice.

I've told my wife several times... If we lost out to this design.... I'd be so content with it.

The layers.... The depth...  You sure you do data for a living, or are you a professional artist in the wrong forum.. lol.


Same idea I had of some form of super hero that came to life with powers combined (Captain Planet, Voltron, Power Rangers).... but look up any Graphic for "Synergy" logo... J blended that concept in as well in sort of fluidity that just works...

Complete with an execution of "Power Punch"...  MS will be hiring J for marketing next thing you know.
@jKell you really nailed it!

@DavisDS95  Thanks for the comment! Originally I was thinking something like the Power Rangers but didn't want to take the time to draw each of the robots that come together. I like you and your wife's execution. 

   I am a PowerApps user/developer who does art on the side.  I have BFA in Graphic Design and have been playing with iPad and Apple Pencil to create drawings in my spare time. I drew this concept one night before bed.  I love synthesizing ideas into a visual format.  Glad this design is resonating with a few people.  I hope I win =).

>> I have BFA in Graphic Design


Which school did you go to?  My daughter just started her BFA at Emily Carr. 

Thanks Again!