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User can't talk to bot



I've created a chatbot in Teams, allowed team members access to the chatbot, and team members can install the chatbot in their personal scope. However the bot tells them they don't have permission to talk to it. Any ideas?




Thanks for looking.


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Thank you @up_creek !


Depending on the time between #2 and #3, a newly added user will need some time to be sync'ed to gain access to the bot.  We will add this to our documentation.

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Hi @up_creek ,


Did you publish your chatbot?

Did you follow these requirements?


  • Your organization's Microsoft Teams app permission policies will need to allow Power Platform apps to be added to Microsoft Teams before you or other users can directly install the bot in Microsoft Teams or find it in the Microsoft Teams app store Built by your colleagues section.
    Bots that are approved for the Built by your organization section (after submission to an admin) are managed separately by admins in the Microsoft Teams admin center's Manage apps page.
  • Before installing the bot for yourself or sharing the bot with others, you should publish the bot at least once.

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Renato Romão,

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Hello @renatoromao,


Yes I've published the chatbot to my team and my team members can see it in "built by your organization" and can install it. They just can't talk to it.



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Great @up_creek !

I recommend you to follow this topic below, it's the same issue inside the Teams.


If your issue persists after following all recommendations, you can open a ticket inside the PVA support or talk with micchow.


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Renato Romão,

Connect with me here 😉

Power Virtual Agents course (+2.760 students) : English | Português

We are investigating an issue where customers are reporting their teammates in the same team as the bot cannot chat with it. 


@up_creek , is the bot only intended for your teammates in the same team as where the bot is created in or for your whole organization (tenant)?   Have you shared the bot only with your team or submitted for admin approval?


Could you go to the bot in PVA Teams app and select left menu's Configure -> Security -> Access and share what the settings is?  


Friendly reminder that you need to publish your bot if you change access setting for it to be applied.

Hello @micchow ,


The bot is intended for just my teammates and I have only allowed team members to access the bot.


I think I know what is wrong in our environment: most users have been blocked access to the PVA Teams app (via app policies in Teams admin). I was unaware of this. 



Thank you @up_creek .  Teams admin blocking 'Shared Power Virtual Agents' would not allow user to install the bots in Teams.  From your screenshot, looks like teammates were able to install the bot but could not chat with it which would be a separate issue.  


Could you confirm that is the case?


Thank you for assisting us to get to the bottom of the issue.

@micchow Yes, my teammates are able to install the bot, they just can't chat with it. However when one of my teammates was allowed access to PVA in Teams admin, and after a 24 hour period, he could then chat with the bot.

Thank you @up_creek!  Your teammates do not need PVA in Teams permission to chat with the bot, that is required for users who wants to create bots in Teams. 


Was this teammate newly added to the team after not being able to chat with the bot?  Or they have always been part of the team?


@micchow If I recall correctly, the order of events was:


1. I created the bot, allowed access to my Team, and published

2. I added a user to the team

3. Teammate installed the bot but couldn't chat

4. PVA app was allowed for my teammate in Teams admin

5. 24 hours later, he could chat.



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