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A Event is created multiple times though it is only supposed to do it once

im trying to create a automatic flow in Power Automate which creates a "15 minute buffer" after an event.

The calender i want the buffer in is the calender for a meeting room in my company, employees can create an Event in their calender and add the room as the location, the event is automatically added in the meeting room calender.


So far so good, the flow functions perfectly when i create the event directly inside the meeting room calender, however when i create it in another calender and add the meeting room calender ad the location, power Automate creates randomly 1-3 buffers. The flow is triggered when an event is added in the meeting room calender.

You can see in the picture what i mean.



2021-11-19 08_55_27-Schulungsraum_IT_NEUBAU_Max3Pers_Lüftungsintervall15min - Kalender - Schulungsra.jpg

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this that so only 1 buffer is created over the cloud?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @MarcelWortmann :

Could you please show me your flow?

Best Regards,


Regular Visitor

2021-11-22 10_46_49-Flow bearbeiten _ Power Automate und 1 weitere Seite - Geschäftlich – Microsoft​.jpg

This is the important part of the flow, everything else is not executed

Best regards

Hi @MarcelWortmann :

Sorry, I can’t read the text in the screenshot.I suspect that'Create event (V4)' triggered the trigger ‘When a new event is created (V3)’ of this Flow, which caused the Flow to be executed again, thus falling into a loop.

I suggest that you check whether your condition action can effectively prevent the problem of getting into the loop.


Best Regards,



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Sorry, i didn´t think of that 🙂 


No, its no loop, in the trigger i created the condition: 

@not(contains(triggerBody()?['subject'], 'Reinigung'))


It is also in the If-Condition below the trigger


So if the Subject of the Event is 'Reinigung' it isnt triggered, the Buffer has this Subject so it shouldnt trigger the Flow. Also if that would be so it would create a buffer for the buffer, in an infinity loop. Believe me i went through this 🙂

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