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Action add a row into a table failed, A value must be provided for item. clientRequestId

I am trying to create a record in Excel on a JotForm submit,  but I am getting errors "Action 'Add_a_row_into_a_table' failed" and Error details: "A value must be provided for item. clientRequestId".


As show in the attached images, I generate the Excel file name dynamically and using the get file Properties I was able to get the file Identifier and insert a formated ROW object which I am inserting to the Excel file.


I use some default values in places with empty values, but still not working.


Please what am I doing wrong?General flowGeneral flowfile propertiesfile propertiesget file identifierget file identifiergenerate ROW objectgenerate ROW objectrow into a tablerow into a tableset variable.png

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @hiroyalty ,


Could you show me a screenshot of set the "varIdenififier" variable? You could check if the value of the "clientRequestId" item is empty or not recognized in the flow.



Best Regards,

Jessica Gu

Hi Jessica,


I have added the screenshot of the "varIdentifier" here, also I do not have any variable or column name "clientRequestId" . set variable.png

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Are you able to provide any more help on this? I'm getting the same error and there don't seem to be any posts answering this question.

"A value must be provided for item.
clientRequestId: 05396859-0362-4711-82b0-9bd26f8ae9b7"


clientRequestId is not a variable in my flow or the table.


Helper I
Helper I

I am getting the same error as you got in the 2-15-2022 post. Were you able to find a solution for:

"clientRequestId: 05396859-0362-4711-82b0-9bd26f8ae9b7"

Thank you!


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I checked for "." or any "special character" and had none. This did not solve the issue.  


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Hi - I was wondering if this was ever resolved? I am having the same issue. There are no special characters in my data, and it updates to another excel fine but when I go to add it to a dynamic table that has more columns, it has the same error. I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. 

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I have exactly the same issue, all columns have proper names, I've checked it few times already.


Did anybody managed to resolve the issue?

Helper I
Helper I

have you tried using column names with no spacing at all and no special characters?

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It is only by accident that I found my Excel action should be in a specific order which is:



Hopefully, this will you. 



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