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Adaptive Card - No support for ActionSet and no Templating?

Dear Community,


I'm just in the process of building a simple feedback flow. For this reason I created an adaptive card with the similar the "Food order" template.

I am using 3 actions in an action set, each opening an own, individual adaptive card (so there are 3 adaptive cards nested via action set in the main adaptive card). 


In the designer everything works fine. 


Questions arised, when I tried to transfer the json to Power Automate:

  1. Is it correct, that power automate presently only supports adaptive cards with version 1.2?
  2. Is it correct, that this version does not support templating?

Last and most important:

When I corrected the version to 1.2 and rebuilt the card without templating I still did not get it running properly.

I used the trigger "For a selected message" and selecting this flow in a channel the card showed up in MS teams. But instead of showing one "Submit" Button (being part of one of the three action set adaptive cards) it showed an additional "Submit" Button below which seemed to have been created automatically (was not part of my json). I could submit my card only by pressing this button but this resulted in the loss of all data that was entered in the "action-set adaptive" card.


3. Does Power Automate not support ActionSets (nested adaptive cards) or is this a bug?


I was not able to find any guidance on this and appreciate your answers! If this is not normal behaviour I will provide the json / screenshots for further investigation. 






Frequent Visitor

Nobody out there, who can give me at least some answer to the above three questions?

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