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Adaptive Card Not showing in Email

I created a flow to send an email with adaptive card


This is my Adaptive Card(on the outputs):

<script type="application/adaptivecard+json">{
"type": "AdaptiveCard",
"version": "1.0",
"hideOriginalBody": true,
"body": [
"type": "TextBlock",
"text": "Visit the Outlook Dev Portal",
"size": "large"
"type": "TextBlock",
"text": "Click **Learn More** to learn more about Actionable Messages!"
"type": "Input.Text",
"id": "feedbackText",
"placeholder": "Let us know what you think about Actionable Messages"
"actions": [
"type": "Action.Http",
"title": "Send Feedback",
"method": "POST",
"url": "https://...",
"body": "{{feedbackText.value}}"
"type": "Action.OpenUrl",
"title": "Learn More",
"url": ""

So when I send it to my one email it working fine:


But when I send it to my other email its not working


It debugger says that Card Enabled: False, but I dont get it, I didnt change anything when I send it to my one email to another, why is it not working? Please help. Thank you.

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Any updates with this issue? Adaptive card not showing when using http.action

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Late reply, but for anybody having the same issue, you are missing the Originator ID, check this link for more information: Actionable messages via email developer dashboard guide - Outlook Developer | Microsoft Learn


This is the tutorial for adaptive cards and it says you need to provide an originator property: Get started with actionable messages via email - Outlook Developer | Microsoft Learn


You can get originator ID's from here: Actionable Messages (



It may be your http.action has malformed data in the body, which is preventing your adaptive card from showing. Are you able to share the adaptive card?

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