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Adaptive Cards in Teams to return responses to main workflow

I have an existing approval workflow and I paste approval requests to users by generating a "Create an approval," then posting it to their Teams personal chat using "Post your own adaptive card as the Flow bot to a user" with the Approval Adaptive Card as the Message. 


I have an additional task i need the approvers to do, which is select an array of multi-choice options which are the scope of work for the project just approved. 


I can get the first scenario to work, because i am using the inherent hooks of the Approval and Wait for an Approval tasks to bookend the Post adaptive card task. 


The problem I have is that, because Flow Dev has yet to allow us to cusomize the OOB Approval card, to add the additional scope multi-select option, i have to create an additional card that is generated after the approval and send back to the approver. But, without being able to benefit from the OOB supportability, i have to build a card from scratch. 


I can send the card with the multiselects to the user after they approve the initial Approval card, but i don't know how to wait and pick up the responses from that second Scoping card on a "Submit" by the user. Right now, because i don't know in the Flow how to pick that up (and how to pass the attribute back anyway), when I click Submit, it gives me "Unable to reach app. Please try again."


I am aware that one can create a Team bot,, but it is also alot of work, and not straightforward for the target audience like me who have not been programmers for yes, especially given we no longer "do" documentation like we used to. 


I've explored webhooks to maybe pick up out outputs, but i dont think selecting the "Submit" box would generate an outgooing hook. At least, i can't find documentation on how to get my scenario to work with that.


I've watched this video and looked at his block, but while he does show you how to modify the Approval template, there is no option on how to add additional multi-select options that can be returned as data back to the main workflow:


Creating a custom adaptive card with custom selections is a pretty rudimentaty task. Is my option REALLY only to create a full bot???


There must be another way. I find it amazing we are being encouraged to use Flow for teams, but something like this is not available. Otherwise, why bother with cards at all? We might as well just direct people to PowerApps interfaces to perform this kind of work. 



Hi @gmellis1 ,


Would you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Alice Zhang
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New Member

I have a similar situation:
I am trying to send an array to allow staff to choose an option (or multi select).  I can send an array to a regular adaptive Teams card which has the json that I can see and edit on the main flow page, but I have problems with the "Send Adaptive card and wait for a response" type of cards.  
That type of card, the editor takes you out of Power Automate and you can't drop a variable into the JSON, so you can't replace the "choice" block with the array of data.

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