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Adding ToDo task item to another user's ToDo in a FLOW step

I'm a little new to FLOW but making good progress.


I have a FLOW written that handles monitoring some Sharepoint folders for new files, and sends emails, alerts, and Teams messages accordingly. I would also like to add a task to an MS ToDo task list for a different user (not mine). I have the ToDo action added to the flow and it works adding the item to MY ToDo list. Is there a way I can force the item to be added to another user's ToDo tasks?


Is it done by adding a new connection to another user's account in the step 3-dot menu?


thanks all!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @bcontento ,


Indeed you have a connection to your account. You need to add a connection to the other user's account, but that would imply that the user would need to authenticate when you're creating the connection. Don't do that.


Instead, why not share your Flow with the other members? It can look for changes and add to their own To-Do based on the criteria that you create in Flow. This would be a more elegant solution because then you could upgrade the Flow, and they would get the new code automatically.


Give it a go and let me know if you have any issues sharing the Flow.


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Thanks for the reply.


My primary concern with sharing the Flow out is that the users this would have to be shared with are very much not technically inclined. I would have to sit with each of them, get the Flow edited per user and get it up and running. Then, I have to hope they don't mess with it.


As the admin, I was hoping that I could push data to their ToDo lists centrally.

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