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Adding multiple rows with the same flow (Excel)


I am having a bit of trouble with one of my flows.

I have a form in PowerApps I use to add lines to an Excel file.

The onSelect Runs the flow in wich I put all the values for columns 


No Issue so far the flow works fine and adds the line.


My issue:

I need to add duplicates of the submited lines. Instead of adding one. I need to add as many as selected in this field here.


Say for example the user fills the form and puts a 3 in this field. I need the flow to add the line 3 times instead of one as it does now.


I am having a few things I don't understand:

The first is how do I send the value of that field with the flow.

if I simply add it with the rest I will logically get an error



It will be an invalid number of arguments as this field has no corresponding column in the datasource and is not passed in the connector.


The other question would be

How do I use this value to indicated how many rows to add

I assume I would add an action using Control and forEach but it's a bit fuzzy.

I would appreciate any pointer, thank you very much!


Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I'm not familiar enough with PowerApps to advise on how to get the number value, but if you can get it and set a variable such as "Counter" equal to that number, you can use a "Do until" action with the "Counter" variable. 


A setup similar to this where you have the "add a row" action and you decrement the "Counter" variable on each run.



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