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Adding rows to a table, from a table.

I've been tasked with producing a flow that will look at a table of data and then split the table up using "studio" column as the criteria.

The flow will then systematically relocate the data to tables on a separate tab based on a Equals to Condition.

I'm getting the whole content of the initial table being sent over presently.


Here's my build so far:

  • Manually trigger a flow
  • List Rows present in a table
  • apply to each 2
    • Condition - if Studios is equal to "Anything"
      • Yes
        • Apply to each
          • Add a row into a table


I've seen a few articles that talks about variables and such, but they never seem to give any explanation (that I can find) what these do so I can Frankenstein them to my build.


Thanks in advance

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

After your list rows present in a table...

Add a filter - Filter it for if studios equal "Anything"

Add a parse JSON step after that to create the dynamic content you need.

Go into your apply to each loop. 

Get rid of the condition (you no longer need it, the filter has done that work).

Add the rows into a different table (but much easier if that table already exists).


My advice approach would be completely different:


Import the table contents into a SharePoint list. Create a new view on that list where "Studio" equals anything. Job done. Import that into Excel if you want. 

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

@Sky_Store_Rob Hi, I would do below:

  1. Manually trigger the flow
  2. List Rows present in a table
  3. Store data from step 2 into an Array (select data operation)
  4. Get unique studio names from Step 3 (union function)
  5. Loop through each studio name (apply to each)
    1. Filter array from step 3 = current studio name in loop
    2. add rows to table 

Hi @Paulie78,


Sorry to seem dumb, but I really am, I learn by doing and I clearly haven't done this yet.

Can you clarify the "Add a parse JSON step after that to create the dynamic content you need" part for me please?

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @Sky_Store_Rob ,

I re-read your question and my solution isn't right for you. The solution that @krootz suggested is correct. Have you tried to implement it?

Hi @krootz,


This has done the first stage that I need to do.


My next query is, with this process as it stands, I have to manually enter the studio name I want to lookup ahead of time. With 60+ studios this means either a lot of flows or 1 far too big.


Is there a way to have the filter run based on a list of studios. Essentially I would like to point the flow to a table called 'Studios' so that the end result would be say an email to each studio which includes an HTML table containing the data looked up using the filer array (per studio).


Does that all makes sense?

@Sky_Store_Rob yes, make one flow to process one studio, however, instead of a manual trigger, it should start with an HTTP request trigger which is going to accept a studio name.  Check this vid:


For the second part, you will need another flow to read the list of your studio names. You can loop through the list and inside pass the studio name to your main flow using an HTTP post.  Your list can be in an excel or a SharePoint list.


If your building this inside a solution, the first flow will be your child flow and the parent flow is the one that is reading all the studio names.

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That video doesn't make it clear (to me) the settings needing to be input for:


Headers - Value

Queries - Value

Body - Value

Cookie - Value


Thanks in advance

Regular Visitor

I'm resigning myself to the fact that I may have to create 60+ flows to have this function...

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