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Adding up client names from a table in an outlook email

Hello guys,

I'm a new person here and I'm not sure if somebody has already tried to create something like that, but I couldn't find the answer in the forum. 

I'm currently working on a flow which extracts specific data from an email and puts information under appropriate columns in the Excel table:





Here is my flow - (the variable "vDateTime" is not so important here and it works fine, so you can skip it):


The main goal of this tracker is to store all emails which come on our shared mailbox. However, some emails have a table where there are names of the clients and other specifications regarding these entities. We would like to filter this kind of emails (I'm trying to do it by using a condition action) and calculate how many clients are mentioned in a specific table:



(the example of a table which can be found in an outlook email)


So here the goal would be only to calculate the number of client names.


The result of the aforementioned calculation would be 3 (since there are 3 client names in the table). Finally, this total sum would be put under one of the columns in the excel file which I have mentioned at the beginning of my post:





Do you think it is possible to create something like that?


Super User
Super User

It is certainly possible, likely to be quite tricky and unless the incoming emails are very consistent it could be quite prone to errors. 

Totally agree, that's why I'm trying to use a condition action and the function "or". There are 2 types of emails with this sort of table and they always have the same keywords in their subjects. My idea is to look for these keywords in a subject, then check if the subject doesn't start with RE: - since it will mean that this has already been calculated in another row - and then start adding up client names (values only under the first column every time).

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to start doing it, I can only extract some words from email by using an array. Could you help me? And what do you think about this idea?

Super User
Super User

I would personally use for this, but it could also be possible just in Power Automate. You're going to have to post a sample of the HTML source code for any good guidance on how to do it.

Thanks for the answer. Do you mean a source code which I can extract from an email in Outlook or a source code which can be found under a specific "run" in Power Automate? (I mean the record which can be found under "Run History")



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