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After the process has been approved, change sharepoint item to Approved

Hi Everyone,

I have a question on how to update the data source based on an approval process.


I am currently building a flow that can approve or reject a leave request.
I use PowerApps to create the leave request and it is then inserted into Sharepoint. But there it is displayed only with the status "Requested". Meanwhile, the manager gets a mail to approve. So now I want that when the manager approves the request, the field status in Sharepoint changes from "Requested" to "Approved". (The field status is a selection field and by default it is set to "Requested"). Now I want that when I click on approve in the email, the field automatically changes to approved. How can I do that? I had read that I can do it with the trigger "Get item and update", but I am relatively new here and don't know how to do it. Do you have any ideas? What can I do to make the status change automatically?


I hope the question was formulated in an understandable way.


Thanks in advance


Community Champion
Community Champion

@PowerSäm  so you mentioned that you already have a flow which send approval, are you using Start and Wait for Approval action? If yes, then after the approval action you can add condition to check outcome of approval, and in yes branch of condition you can use Update Item action to update the status of request in SharePoint list.

Anna Jhaveri

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