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Any way of storing email body somewhere other than inside Flow?

I am looking for a way to make managing the content of a scheduled email easier for collaboration. 


I have built a Flow which is sending an email to users enrolled in a training course. The enrolled people are pulled from a SharePoint list, and the Flow sends a particular email to each person as specified by certain dates in each person's fields.


I am using "Send an email from a shared mailbox" action to send out the email. I have of course formatted the email body inside Flow as required for our purposes. 


I would like to pursue another method of having the email content somewhere, so that other members of my team who do not have the technical knowledge of Flow can make changes to the email content. 


A thought I had is this: if the email is saved as a draft in this shared mailbox, then I would like if Flow can use that draft to send to all the participants. I do not know if this is possible. I am seeking any better ways of doing this. 


Thank you for reading. 

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Resident Rockstar

Hi @Anonymous 

Would it be possible to save the editable parts of the email in the same or a diferent SharePoint List and then it can be pulled back down to the body of the email also?


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This does sound like maybe the best idea... so I guess it looks like having an entry in a list which has a "Body" field that has full text/image editing abilites, then pull from that "body" field for the email content


One thing I think I'd lose is the "personalization" im getting by having it in Flow, where I've got the email saying "Hello [First Name]". In Flow I use Dynamic Content for the first name field, and I guess I'd lose that if I pulled the content from a SharePoint list but we may be able to function without that

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