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Apply to Each Loops and Dynamic Content in Approval Flow

Need help with 'Apply to Each 5' see photos



Currently I am creating an approval flow where an approval will be send based on if the uploaded or modified document's number in SharePoint matches a code given to an individual in a SharePoint list. If the document matches than it will send them the approval assigned to their email in the same list that their code is. I am currently running into an issue where the flow is creating multiple approvals instead of one and running the whole thing multiple times for each person's code that matches. Also the rejection/error email will send even if someone's code matches. I am certain that this is because of the apply to each loop. I have tried almost every solution to get around it but they do not work. I used first() which worked but is not applicable for this because I need every item to be analyzed if the code matches and tried initializing the variable and appending it, but it no longer made the value dynamic and just listed every value. I cannot seem to find a fix and am wondering if what I am trying yo achieve is even possible. 


I appreciate any tips and solutions. Thanks





Screenshot 2022-05-27 095200.pngScreenshot 2022-05-27 111418.pngScreenshot 2022-05-27 095249.png

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Super User

Hi, @cmm2022 , could you please just edit in to your question (for the benefit of whomever answers) where that Apply to each is running, please?

I added another photo showing it better in the flow and added that it is Apply to Each 5 I need help with in the text. Thanks

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