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Approval Flow Notification


I have a strange one, a flow which has been working for months now has suddenly stopped working. The flow, which is an approval for vacation leave, has not been altered since it was created and went live.. Frustratingly this seems to be my experience with O365, a PowerApp I have used for several months that worked without fail has suddenly stopped working as well, with no changes made to it. But that's a different post.


Please find screenshots of the flow:





There is more to it but what isn't working is right at the very beginning. The flow is stalling at the Start and Wait for an Approval step. It is not sending the email notifications to the managers when a new entry is made. However, when I log into Power Automate, the approvals can be seen there. I just don't understand why it has suddenly stopped. It makes no sense unless Microsoft made some changes that effect the coding??


Below is the code that is used for the Assigned to field: if(or(equals(triggerBody()?['Author']?['DisplayName'], 'Employee1'), equals(triggerBody()?['Author']?['DisplayName'], 'Employee2')),'', '')


Any ideas on what's suddenly gone wrong?


Hello @Nunzie 


When you say the flow is stalling at the Approval action. This is expected, the flow will wait until the approval request is approved or rejected.


You mentioned than you can see the approvals in the Power Automate portal, are these requests suppose to come to you?


If the approval requests are being sent to the wrong person, I would suggest adding a Compose action right above the approval action. And putting the same expression you are using in the Compose as you are in the Assigned to field.

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I'm seeing them because at the moment I've got them coming to me/my email for testing purposes. And  didn't explain myself very well, apologies, I know it's meant to stall there, but the problem is, the email notifications are no longer happening. When a new entry was made the manager used to get an email letting them know there was a new request. Now that has stopped happening and without an email alerting of a new request, there is no way to know if there is any other than continuously logging into Power Automate and checking the outstanding approvals.


Just again goes back to not sure why the emails used to happen then suddenly stopped.

I take it I have stumped the community as well? Unusual to not have any responses.

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Most likely the user has unsubscribed to their daily notifications.  Hope this helps...


Subscription Settings... 

No, unfortunately. Neither myself or the managers have unsubscribed as they rely on the notifications to let them know the requests are there. And I def haven't unsubscribed and when directing them to me for testing purposes I do not get them either.

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Are you the Exchange Admin or the Group Policy Admin? This subscription could have been done company wide by someone.


If you feel there is another option you may create a manually trigger that starts an approval and is assigned to you and see what occurs.

Nope, unfortunately I'm not the admin. However I'm told that nothing has changed. And again it goes back to this worked for months, then suddenly just stopped recently. We get the notifications for other applications and flows, just not this one.

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