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Approval flow dynamic list of approvers and dynamic list of tasks

Having a bit of trouble with getting this flow to work properly.


Setup and expected results:

  • 2 SharePoint lists:
    • Managers - SharePoint list with storename and 3 columns with people / group configuration for the tier1-tier3 columns. 1 person to approve in each tier.
    • Tasks - SharePoint list with Task name, task description and links to more information / guiding.



Flow expectations:

The tasks will be recurring each month and there should be 1 approval per task per store. Each Approval should go out to each Tier1 approver and they have to approve each task without any relation to the other tier1 approvers and their approval status.

So tier1 approver should get 2 approval requests (as there's currently 2 tasks in SharePoint list of tasks) and each tier1 approver should independently approve for his/her store.

When the tier1 approver has approved/rejected we'll continue on with the flow and send them e-mail of the outcome. This step i have not yet build and I think these steps should be trivial.


What's the issue currently?

I'm successfull in sending out 2 tasks for approval for 2 stores and they get the tasks for approval straight away and they approve/decline independently. HOWEVER as soon as i change approval type to "Create and Wait for approval" it sends out only to 1 approver and only sends to next approver after the first Tier1 approver has confirmed / declined. The same happens if i add "Wait for approval" at the end of the flow.

The desired outcome is to send out approval request for each task to each tier1 approver straight away and then capture outcome per approval afterwards.


How should i alter the current flow in order to send out 1 approval request to each tier 1 approver straight away but at the same time be able to continue on with the flow adding i.e. sending mail when each approval per tier1 approver and task is declined / approved?


Current flow build:



Thanks in advance!


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