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Approval flow off a string variable built from sharepoint list

Hi Flow community,


I am having some trouble with a Flow that I've built and i'm looking for any guidance


I have a Sharepoint list that contains some deployment wave data:




The goal here is to send out an approval email to each employee (1 email per employee) containing all of their deployment schedule and times. Additionally we only want to send out lines that contain 'Wave3'.


Essentially, based on the data above, there should be two approval emails sent out, one to John Doe and one to Shay. John Doe's email should contain two lines of data (because the one of his lines is Wave2), and Shay should receive two lines.


While i am able to pick off only lines with Wave3 , i am experiencing some anomalies while running the flow. Here is the email that gets sent to each user:



As you can see, it does indeed pick off only wave 3, however, i am receiving emails for both users John and Shay whereas it should just be John. Additionally, it seems to completely ignoring the first line in the sharepoint list. 


Here is the flow that I've built:





I would also like to take any approved lines and change the value of a cell in the sharepoint list from 'No' to 'Yes' for each confirmation. in the above example, if John approves the email, i'd want it to change the value in the "Confirmed" sharepoint list column to 'Yes' for both of his rows of data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


thank you,




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