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Helper II
Helper II

Approval not appearing in Flow

One Last step.....Thanks to the guidance of you wonderful folks, my first Flows are working well!  Now for the last part...My goal is to look into my Sharepoint List under a specific column to begin an Approval when a certain date appears.  Here is my Flow (I apologize for it being so long):







I get the notification to check in my Approvals tab...but there are no Approvals appearing there.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!






The purpose of this flow is to search through a certain column in the Sharepoint List every morning at 7:30 am and return a notification if it finds the current date.  If it does not find a current date, then there should be nothing returned.



The original intention of this flow is to search a specific column in my Sharepoint list each morning at 7:30 am and if today's date is found, a notification is sent.  If today's date is not found in the column, then no action is taken for today.



What I mean is that there should be nothing returned for action to be taken if today's date does not appear. 


I hope that clarifies this situation!  Thank you for your help!

It might be that the utcNow() and the SharePoint date column are in different formats, for example that one has the time and the other doesn't. What are the formats of the 2 parts of this?

Los Gallardos

Here is the Sharepoint list data...




And here is the MS Flow:




I believe the formats match.  I've also checked in the SP List Settings to verify that they match in format.


Thanks for your help!

I've had a Teams session with @RobertPC77 tonight as I think a lot of us were missing the real issue with the Flow. The main issue was that the bulk of the Flow was running even when it shouldn't i.e. if no results were being returned from Get Items then it wasn't terminating (no point running if there's nothing to process).


We have walked through the Flow and have added a condition directly after the Get Items to evaluate if any items have been returned by using the expression:


If there are no items being returned, the length will be 0, so our condition is that if the length is greater than 0, we will send the notification and initiate the further approvals


We've done some basic testing and all seems to be working 🙂


Thank you to everyone in the thread for assisting, it seems we're there and have another happy member of the Flow family!


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Indeed!  After my TEAMS session with MattWeston365 the FLOW is working as desired!  Thank you all for your contributions!  Thank you to Matt for inviting me to the TEAMS session and getting this issue resolved!  You're the Best!

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