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Approval recipients based on multiple values in item

I am trying to simplify my flow so that based on a combination of various item values an approval is created with recipients unique to that combination.



Example list with items.

Each column has the following choices to pick from and a numeric value for the total

Divsions - CSD,ORS,RCFS

Regions - East,West

Total - Number value


Based on these values an approval recipient scenario is triggered.

I am doing this now with parallel control conditions.


This img only shows the two scenarios. There are 40+ unique approval scenarios, with a possibility of chained approval scenarios. I do not want to build out 40 actions based on each condition. Number 1, the copy/paste preview function is very buggy and has caused me to lose and have to start over my flow a couple of times. Each action below is pretty long and prone to mistakes particularly when chaining the process. Number 2, in the event I need to add scenarios down the road I feel like having a central table that is referenced by the logic is more sustainable. Number 3, this doesn't really feel like a very elegant solution. Admittedly this is only the 2nd flow I have created and I am not a programmer, so I am learning as I go here but this obviously can be streamlined. I hate that each condition has to run too, seems wasteful.


This is how I see it working in my head, but I haven't found the tools to apply this in action just yet. 


Another list or table has the scenarios like so:

Division Regions Total DistroGroup

ORS, East, >15000,

ORS, East, <15000,

ORS, West, >15000,

ORS, West, <15000,

RCFS, East, >15000,


Based on the new item created, the values are checked against the criteria in this table and based on a match then sets a variable:


item added with values

ORS  West  20000

checked against table results then sets variable



Then a single action for the approval process is triggered and $approval_DG is used for the recipients.





Thanks for any tips.



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