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Helper I

Approvals not landing in flow users apporval app

I have made an approval flow for service dispatch requests.  When our technicians submit the request via a microsoft form the approval is sent to our Pm's. The approvals are coming in as being sent in by me (Josh) and not the tech (user of the form). However part of the details of the request has the techs user id. The techs don't see their requests on their approvals app, they show up on mine.  How do I get the flow to recognize the user id when submitting the approvals so it shows it as being sent in by them, and lands in their approval requests?

The below images show how they are arriving.  Requested by should be the same in both the details and final status of the approval (both should say MMorin). The email should be coming from the user who submitted the form also, in this case MMorin and not Josh.





Helper II
Helper II

Hello, two questions:


  • what are you putting in the Assigned To field in the Start an approval action? That should be the e-mail address (not user ID) of the person you want it to be assigned to.
  • Have you clicked "Show advanced options" and put the Requestor as the person submitting the request? It should be their e-mail address
Helper I
Helper I

  • The assigned to field has the answer to one of the questions int he form, which is our pms email address's. That portion works fine.
  • I have looked at that, however I have the responders email come through in the details of the approval.


Sorry see below I didn't reply to your comment direct. 

Adding to below I think my issue is that the connection to the form that is being used my microsoft account. So whenever it is submitted it is using my account and linking it to the approval/email being sent. See below, does anyone have a work around that would enable a connection to a Team or group ?



I believe your issue is that you need the Connection to be to the Approvals app, rather than your e-mail address. See my example below. If you click Add New Connection, you should be able to sign in to the Approvals app there, which should solve the issue if I'm not mistaken.




The Approvals connection is to the approvals app. The window you see in the image I provided above is the drop down for the Microsoft form Action "Get response details". Since it is only connected to my email/account I think my issues lies there. Can't find away to link it to the "form users" account/id though.

I see. Hmm. It's strange because I've never had an issue with changing the Requestor myself. 

Do you have many flows that run through microsoft forms? If so, and they work fine could you share how the flow was built ? I have a similar form that runs through an excell sheet and it works fine. Forms must be the issue.

You may be right about it being different with Forms, but I don't see why. I've always run mine through Sharepoint Lists rather than Forms so it's possible that there's a difference there.

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