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Assigning separate tasks to each SP group member individually

Hi everyone!


I have been learning to build flows for a while and now I have faced a problem which wasn't covered here so far, therefore I would appreciate any advice from you.


I want to build a flow according this scenario:


1. When the item in SP Task List X is updated;

2. Each member of the SP group ProceduresMembers should receive an email about the change;

3. On parallel branch, new item is created in the SP Task List Y for each SP group member individually, also the respective SP group member's name is indicated in the column "Employee Name".


Let's say, SP group ProceduresMembers has 2 members: Jamal and Cindy. After the flow is triggered, each of them should receive an email. This, of course, could be solved by creating 2 separate "Send an email notification" parallel branches with each of their email address. But that wouldn't be smart. Therefore, I've figured out how to get the email addresses of SP group members with the help of this post. Now it's not a problem anymore, although it takes several actions, but it works.


Following the same logic from the second step, I've tried to figure out how to move on with the separate task creation for each member of the SP group. That's how far I've managed to do. Although flow works, two problems here: 1. All users (two) of SP group are set in the task column "Employee Name"; 2. Their email addresses are shown and not User Names.






I would be very thankful to receive any advice on the situation as I couldn't find any help in this forum from previous posts so far. Is it possible to achieve what I've described?

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Super User III


"two problems here: 1. All users (two) of SP group are set in the task column "Employee Name"; 2. Their email addresses are shown and not User Names."


Now related to problem 1. Did you consider to replace 'Employee Name' current input and use this WDL expression instead?


So I am assuming 'users' is an array whose elements are emails. If so, in order to fix problem 2.  I would try to add inside your 'apply to each' just on top of it a 'Get user profile v2' action block to get all related data (given number, etc), and assign as it input the same WDL expression as above. THen assign whatever 'Get user profile v2' output fits better your requirements as input for 'Employee Name'


If my assumtion is not correct, can you share what's current content of variables 'users' and 'user' and also what type of variables are (string, array of strings, array of objects, object, etc)?

Hope this helps

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