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Attach files to a flow for an approval chain

Hello there,


In my company we tried searching for a way to solve this issue, but unfortunately couldn't find a solution:


We need a flow that enables users to input information as well as two separate files into a list, while creating a unique number.

This information as well as these specified lists shall then go to the higher level for approval.

Then the Information with only File one to the next level.

After that the information only file two to the last level for approval.


Only inputting the information and then getting the approvals seems viable, the tricky part is the defined addition of files where we are stranded right now.

is there a way to route added files to a specific sharepoint-list-row? Or another way?

Hope the community can help 🙂




There is an option to include attachments when sending the approval request to the approvers.


You can specify attachment name and content in approval action.

If one level of approval is completed, you can then initiate second level of approval with another file which needs to be attached.




Additionally, if the attachment is in the sharepoint list, then I think its currently not feasible.

Thread about similar ask:



Advocate V
Advocate V

This does sound tricky to automate if you really need to separate 2 documents that are submitted simultaneously as list attachments.


Could you just send ALL attachments to Approver 1 and then if they approve, send ALL attachments to Approver 2? You can get multiple attachments in an array variable and plug them into approval tasks (but it's a bit crazy so let me know if you want more details). So each approver sees both documents, but if there's no harm in that, your problem is solved. can get list item attachments and copy them to a document library. From there you could trigger separate approvals on individual documents. This could be automated based on some metadata value or manually triggered.


It just depends on whether the approval status needs to apply to the LIST ITEM (that happens to contain one or more attached filed) or to the INDIVIDUAL DOCUMENT.


I followed Wonder Laura's instructions to create a button directly in a SharePoint library column like so:


approval button.PNG


You can create a button like this right next to your document name in the library with some JSON code. It will launch a particular Flow that you create specifically for this type of document. There are several options, I think. 



Thanks for the input, have to try something on that. The issue is that it's especially needed to differ between the two files, and tha's where my problem is, i can't see how to implement the file-addition where i can put the specific file to separate task steps


If they must be submitted as list item attachments, and they must be submitted together, then I don't know of a way to do that.  But again, maybe you could get them to a document library (one way or another) and then take action based on metadata or maybe properties of the File Name. It's not too difficult to get multiple list item attachments created as new files in a doc lib. It sounds like these 2 documents just have different approval processes, so maybe they need to be submitted via 2 separate list forms.


Sorry, I don't have all the details, obviously, but would it be possible to tell the users they must submit Document 1, wait for approval, then submit Document 2 separately? If you had a stand-alone canvas Powerapp, you could connect to 2 separate lists and provide a menu for users to choose which type of document they need to submit.  I don't know of a way to get list attachments into SEPARATE array variables and even you could, how would you know which is which? That's a tricky one for sure. But again, if both approvers can safely see both documents, then just send both all attachments. Approver 1 gets both docs, approves, then Approver 2 gets both docs. Maybe they don't NEED both documents, but is it a security breach if they get both?

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