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Attach images in the body of mail

I have a query on flow to send an automated mail by attaching image on the body of mail.


I have few pictures which need to be send with my team on a weekly basis.(1 image per week). would like to create a flow to send out the mail every week with image in the body of mail. we have different images for each week. is there any possible way to solve this ? (I think i can use sharepoint, but iam not sure how to use and create flow. Please help me)


Thanks in Advance:)



Solution Sage
Solution Sage


You can go through the links shared below, which speak about steps to be followed for inserting images into email in the "Send Email" action.


Customize Email with Power Automate - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

How to embed an image into an email with Power Automate (



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Thanks @Gopala_Krishna . Unfortunately The above link doesnt solve my question. For example, I have few photos of my colleagues which need to send(in the body of mail) on their birthday. So I have created a list with date columns and attached the colleagues photo for each date based on their birthday. Now I need to send the mail to person's on their birthday. I have tried with list in power auto . unfortunately i couldnt complete the same.. can you please advise.

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Any Solution?

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